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This website is about to be decommissioned.
If anyone would like to set up a new site or manage this one, please contact David Lewis There is a key gmail account containing all documents associated with the site and the Lincolnshire ASA that needs to be passed on.

Voluntary role - Louth swimming Club

Role available - County Championships Sportsystems Secretary – Job Description/Duties

Once the schedule has been agreed by the sub-committee, this needs to be input into Sportsystems.
Ensure events are in the correct running order, with gender, age groups, HDW, Finals etc
Input qualifying times
Create Meet entry file for circulation to clubs
Import entry files from clubs as they are received and process in Sportsystems.

Role available - County Trophy Trustees - role description

Ensure trophies are returned in a timely manner ahead of the Championships so that they can be repaired/maintained, as necessary. Act as custodian of the trophies between collection and redistribution.
Ensure relevant trophies are available at each Championship gala for presentation to the winners.
Ensure each trophy is signed for at the presentation prior to the swimmer taking it home.
Retain/maintain records of who has which trophy.

Role available - County Championships Secretary – Job Description/Duties

Liaise with pools of interest. Create and send tender letters, with list of requirements to the pools. If chosen, then need to complete booking forms.
Decide on dates for events with consultation from the sub-committee.
Create consideration times – (do research from previous results). Take to sub-committee.
Create conditions for the competition and schedule of events. Take to sub-committee. Each year we normally reverse girls/boys events.

Exec Meeting Minutes are now available


Those whos license ran out in 2020 will get an additional year, but this will also include those who run out between Jan 21 and Dec 24, so that its fair across the board.
I presume that to mean that those running out in 2021 will also get the additional year.
Look after yourselves and hopefully see you all sometime in the future.

Lincs County officials secretary

Louth ‘Dolphins’ return to ‘training’

Louth ‘Dolphins’ return to ‘training’
After 128 days of lockdown on Monday 27th July - Louth ‘Dolphins’ Swimming Club returned to ‘training’ in their home venue – The Meridian Leisure Centre, Louth.
Where to start on what had been an epic journey.
Since the Covid19 enforced lock down restrictions the club has constantly maintained contact with its members, offering support and encouraging fitness activities and heathy eating. Also quizzes, word searches etc. Walks, runs and cycling have made many families more aware of what a beautiful countryside we have around us

Louth ‘Dolphins’ Swimming Clubs 34th Annual Club Championship presentation night

Louth Swimming Club recent held their Club Championships Presentation Night at the Town Hall, Louth. A capacity crowd filled the ballroom and a fantastic night was had by all. Special Guest Presenter - Mayor Councillor Fran Treanor and his wife Jayne.
Events Coordinator Charlotte Elliott- Wright and Club Secretary Katherine Billington did a stunning job with the logistics involved in organising an event of this magnitude, surrounded of course by the team of Coaches/Officials and poolside assistants.


There are NO rejections. May I remind you that Clubs are expected to provide 2 Warm Up staff (who hold coaches passes) for each Lane and that they should report to the Chief Warm Up steward if requested to do so. Each Warm-Up for the full days of competition will last for 55 minutes to allow us 5 minutes to prepare for a prompt start of the Gala’s. There will not be a parade at start of these Championships. Clubs are totally responsible for the warm up of their swimmers.
Please ensure your Lead Coach for the Championships brings the signed Code Of Conducts documents for ALL your coaching poolside staff, which must be handed in at the first gala you attend, in order to receive any coaches passes.
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