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Certificate of Swimming Disability
A number of swimmers have impairments that prevent them from competing against able-bodied competitors.
The purpose of the certificate is to ensure that disabled competitors do not get disqualified for performing a stroke incorrectly due to their disability and who:
* Have not yet been classified
* Do not wish to undergo classification
* Do not fit the Physical Classification System
Certification will only be given to swimmers who are ASA/SASA/WASA members with a permanent disability and not to swimmers suffering from short term incapacity.
The certificate is valid for two years and will need to be reapplied for.
To obtain a certificate a swimmer should download the application form and return to the address stated along with a record of the problem and proof of the disability from a physiotherapist, GP or hospital consultant.
A laminated certificate will then be issued for presentation to the referee before the start of a race.

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