Lincolnshire ASA

County Championships (Weekend 1+2) 2022

22 Jan


22nd January 2022 - 30th January 2022



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Please note that the consideration times for the 2022 Championships have been on the whole, reduced, particularly in the lower 2 age groups. This is to facilitate the qualification of our younger swimmers, many of whom will have been too young to swim competitively prior to the pandemic. This is a temporary measure introduced for 2022.

The championships will have certain measures in place that mean that it will not be run under the same conditions as normally apply and some restrictions will be put in place (eg restrictions of numbers of spectators for example) in conjunction with requirements from the pool providers and any Government legislation/restrictions that are in place at the time of the competition (thus we may need to change things nearer the event or even cancel completely).

Start lists will only be provided for poolside coaches and officials as required. No Programmes will be produced for the championships in 2022 as we have had to extend the cut-off date for entries at the request of coaches and therefore, we will not have enough time to get the Programmes produced and entries accepted etc before the start of the competition. Details of events and the competition Conditions are on the Lincs ASA website instead. Please all read them. We also have a new person who has kindly volunteered from Louth SC to look after the electronic entries for the first time, so please be patient. 

I have reluctantly had to take back the Age Group Championship Secretary’s role in order for the 2022 Championships to go ahead at all, having resigned the post last year. If a replacement for the Championship Secretary is not found for the 2023 Championships, they will NOT be going ahead.  

Sarah Richardson

Age Group Championships Secretary  

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