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County Champs 2022 (Weekend 3)

05 Feb


5th February 2022 - 6th February 2022



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Amended details for Lincolnshire County Championships 05/02/22 & 06/02/22

Due to the unforeseen abandonment of the competition on 30/01/22, Lincs ASA have been faced with a dilemma about what to do with the events that did not take place. After weighing up the very limited options open to us, we have made the decision to adopt a new schedule for the coming weekend at Louth on 05/02/22 and 06/02/22, which is attached. We will NOT be having any Finals for any event. Instead, we have added the events from 30/01/22 into the two days at Louth and have altered the whole weekends schedule to accommodate them, ensuring that we are still operating within the allotted timescales we had in place with pool bookings etc. Please ensure all your swimmers are aware that all events will be HDW so as to swim each race accordingly.

We appreciate that this change to the schedule will not please everyone and realise that we may get some withdrawals as a result, but it gives all those swimmers who were due to swim on 30/01/22, at least a chance to swim the events if they wish to. It will only be those swimmers who were down to swim on 30/01/22, who will be entered into those specific events (so if a swimmer had withdrawn from any event on 30/01/22, they will not be put forward for those events to take place this weekend).

This has been (and will be in this week going forward) very difficult to set up in such a short timescale, but we feel it is fairer to everyone and better than just not doing the missed events from 30/01/22 at all. The changes have been agreed by the East Midlands Regional Licensing Officer. We will take a while to get this set up electronically and the results link will be changed once sorted, but please bear with us, we will sort it.

Medals will be produced to replace the finalist ones, not the same as the age groups for the distance swims, but will be for all 50 and 100 events. Again, please bear with us.


Any known withdrawals that have not already been sent to us, eg. those that will now need to be made due to the changed schedule, (for either day) then please email to me as a matter of urgency, prior to 8pm on Friday 4th February. Please ensure your coaches are aware and are cc’d into withdrawal, or preferably get the coach to send me the email. If you need to make additional withdrawal for Sunday 6th then ensure I have been sent an email by 8pm on Saturday 5th. Any withdrawals made after that time will not be made and will mean we run with empty lanes, so please get withdrawals made as soon as they become known.

Email address is –

No other conditions are changed – Warm–up times are the same eg 9.00 to 10.00 both mornings and 13.30-14.30 pm warm-up Saturday and 13.45-14.45pm on Sunday. You are still expected to take a Lateral Flow test as per previous instructions.

Sarah Richardson (Lincs ASA President & Age Group Championships Secretary)

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